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How Tech Can Transform Grocery Supply Chains

Our Head of Distribution at Greenman, David O’Meara, shared his insights in an interview about the future of food and how tech can transform grocery supply chains, emphasising the rise in consumer awareness around sustainable choices and the regulatory push for greener practices. He stressed the significance of advancements like Controlled Environment Agriculture and sustainable packaging, highlighting the need for innovative solutions that reduce waste and enhance efficiency.

In light of this, the Greenman Group has introduced the Growing Further Awards. Aimed at recognising and rewarding businesses dedicated to positively impacting the grocery retail supply chain, these awards epitomise Greenman’s commitment to a sustainable future. As a dominant player in grocery retail real estate, the awards pave the way for Greenman to collaborate with visionary entrepreneurs, keeping us at the forefront of industry innovations.

By aligning ourselves with award-winning innovators, we’re not only anticipating market shifts but also ensuring our strategies and investments are in sync with the future of grocery retail.

Read the full interview here.