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Merry Christmas from Greenman. Bitte beachten Sie, dass unser Büro bis Freitag, den 22. Dezember besetzt ist und am Dienstag, den 2. Januar 2024 wieder öffnet.


Since it was founded in 2005, Greenman has evolved into a leading, sector specific, real estate investment fund manager. With assets under management of over €1bn, we are considered the market leaders for food retail real estate assets located across Europe.

Conversion of Rental Income into Investor Income

Greenman has developed an investment model which is designed to generate investor income from the purchase, operation and sale of food anchored retail centres. Our investment policies, corporate structures and fee arrangements are all designed to maximise the conversion of rent obligations into predictable and consistent long term investor distributions.

Greenman’s sole investment focus is the creation of consistent annual income for our investors.

We Invest in Food Retail Anchored Retail Assets

Greenman only acquire one asset type – food anchored retail parks, retail warehouses and standalone grocery stores.

Typically, the centres are located in suburban areas, are constructed to specifications determined by the tenants who occupy them, are frequently visited daily by local consumers to purchase essential items and transact at yields materially higher than shopping centres or high street properties.

As we only acquire one asset type all our operational procedures and management capacity have been developed specifically for this asset type.

We are more than just a landlord

Our tenant engagement is broad, frequent and collaborative with the aim of ensuring our tenants and the retail centres remain sustainable for the long-term.

We convert frequently occurring property management events into opportunities to extend tenant lease terms. Our focus lies on asset marketing and asset & data management activities towards the long-term improvement of our grocery anchor’s performance. We support tenants in introducing new store concepts and designing pilot projects to test new technologies.

Greening our Portfolio

Achieving the goal of environmental sustainability in urban development is a pressing issue, both today and in the future. At Greenman we recognise the importance of working towards sustainable goals and we believe that our fund’s ESG framework is an important and binding factor in creating long-term value for not only our investors but also for society.

While Greenman’s funds do not have, as their objective, a sustainable investment, they do promote environmental and social characteristics making ESG factors an integral part of the investment and development process.

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Greenman has set a financial performance target for its flagship fund, Greenman OPEN, which, in part, will demonstrate the positive financial impact ESG and non-rental income initiatives will have on the fund’s performance.

By 2025, 5% of the fund’s annual revenue will be generated from non-rental income initiatives.

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