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High-Five Interview with our Tenant Kaufland

We are excited about the recent interview that our sister company GFORM, who manage the properties of our fund OPEN, has conducted with Kaufland Immobilien Deutschland, one of our most important tenant and largest grocers in Germany. In the interview GFORM’s CEO James McEvoy provides deep insights into the vision and strategies of the Greenman Group.

In the conversation with Susanne Gehle, Managing Director at Kaufland Immobilien Deutschland, James McEvoy emphasises the resilience of the food retail sector and how Greenman started years ago to invest in long-term partnerships with German food retailers and developers.

In this endeavour, both Greenman and GFORM are committed to achieving their net-zero targets by 2050 and are actively implementing ESG initiatives. Another central aspect of the conversation is the digital transformation in the real estate industry. GFORM is working on making the buildings of the portfolio they manage “smarter” to optimise performance and minimise costs by utilising cutting-edge technologies such as AI and sensors to track and better understand the customer journey.

The continuous growth of the Group, the expansion into new markets, and our focus on building long-term relationships with our anchor tenants are further topics in the interview. Moreover, McEvoy emphasises the importance of revitalising properties – Greenman follows a “bye-and-hold” strategy and adheres to the “convert not demolish” principle.

The detailed interview underscores the strong relationship we have with one of our largest and most important tenants and reaffirms our leading role in the real estate investment industry in Europe.

Click here to read the full interview.