Merry Christmas from Greenman. Please note that we will close for the holidays on Thursday 23rd of December and reopen on Monday 3rd of January 2022

The largest EDEKA market in Thuringia

Since last week Greenman Open’s retail park in Leinefelde is boasting the biggest Edeka store (3100m²) in Thüringen. On 25 April the market hosted a reception and tour of the store for the developers and owners, which drew interest from local officials like the mayor of Leinefelde Marko Grosa. The new Edeka store in the Leinefelder Herderstraße and the bakery in it, called Helbing, opened officially for the public on the next day 26.April at 7am. Owner Florian Simon, personally greeted new customers with champagne.

Greenman Open purchased the Leinefelde retail park (11 340 m²) in 2018. It consists of a TOOM market, EDEKA Simon, and still to open in May/June are AWG and Meyer’s Markenschuhe.