Merry Christmas from Greenman. Please note that our office’s last working day will be Friday 22 December and will reopen on Tuesday 2 January 2024.
Merry Christmas from Greenman. Bitte beachten Sie, dass unser Büro bis Freitag, den 22. Dezember besetzt ist und am Dienstag, den 2. Januar 2024 wieder öffnet.

Redefining Real Estate: Sustainability, Data, and Authentic Valuation

The event GRI Club Europe 2023 has recently come to a close.

Joining hundreds of the most influential industry executives from all corners of Europe and beyond, it was a privilege to delve deep into rich conversations to explore the dynamic environment of European real estate.

Reflecting on the insightful panels, we are delighted to share some valuable takeaways that shed light on the future of the sector. Three key themes dominated one of the discussions, which our CEO Johnnie Wilkinson moderated:

1. Sustainable Synergy: At Greenman, we believe environmental initiatives can align with existing CAPEX plans, effectively promoting green practices without unnecessary budget expansions.

2. The Power of Data & Technology: Our approach integrates advanced technology and real-time data collection, fostering a deeper understanding of customer behaviors to optimise asset value and operational efficiency.

3. Authentic Data & Valuation: We champion the use of genuine data over preset benchmarks, ensuring property evaluations are grounded in reality and truly reflective of value.

You can read the details in the recent article here: